Temperature Controlled Loads

We have an up-to-date fleet of Carrier refrigerated trailers and Thermo King with the finest temperature recovery periods in the industry. Every one of our refrigerated units utilizes a high-end software program to track the temperature of your load all through the duration of the trip and can rapidly perceive when a reefer attains an “out of range temperature.” This will help us carry out certain corrective measures to decrease the spoilage of your refrigerated and fresh goods. Our temperature-controlled refrigerator units do not only safeguard your products from the negative effects of fluctuating temperature, but it also goes a long way to improve the efficiency, safety, and behavior of the driver. There are certain instances when these primary cooling systems are going to fail, and when that happens, our temperature-controlled units will spontaneously side into safe-mode. This is a safety measure that makes sure that your goods remain intact. At JK Hunt Trucklines, we know that customers will intrinsically have their reservations when they are in need of a product shipment, especially when the said product requires refrigeration. As such, we’ve done our homework by integrating a system that sees to it that your products remain unspoiled even when the cooling system becomes faulty.

We have a fleet of trucks with well-maintained and high-level cooling systems. This implies that we have what it takes to offer refrigerated services for goods that are prone to spoilage, keeping the condition of the products intact all through the shipment. JK Hunt Truckline is well well-matched to ease all your concerns when you are planning to ship for refrigerated goods.


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