JK Hunt has earned its reputation as one of those transportation companies that utilizes sophisticated technology to serve our customers well. Our innovative dispatch system gives room for reliable data tracking, which helps make the entire process transparent so that customers will have firsthand information about the shipment. As a company, we’ve integrated e-logs into our systems for that purpose.

This feature will help us monitor our company’s shipments better, and we’ll also be able to furnish our customers with more accurate details about their shipment.

At, we JK Hunt know that keeping up with the continuous strides in technological innovations in the transportation industry is one of the sure ways that we can serve our customers better. Hence, our aim is to see that our customers are satisfied so that they will keep coming back for more!



JK Hunt offers an honest multimodal service alternative with different cost options contingent on your transit schedule’s needs. Also, with this service, you will enjoy a reliable door-to-door delivery with some advantages of lower greenhouse gas and decreased fuel consumption. Our intermodal team offers simplified load processes and ease of business from pick up to delivery with different vehicles in our fleet. JK Hunt’s Intermodal Service cuts across different states in the US.

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