Safety & Compliance

JK Hunt is totally compliant with the safety standards set by the North American Transportation Industry. Our vehicles are ridden with e-logs, upholding only the obligatory time of uninterrupted driving, looking out for any slight likelihoods of abuses way ahead of time.

We only employ committed and safety-conscious drivers to take care of your shipments. We’ve made it a point of duty to always carry out alcohol and drug tests for our drivers, ensure that they have their permits and licenses, ensure that they’ve obtained the required qualifications, etc. before absorbing them into our workforce. Also, they use some of the most complaints and safest trucks while driving on the highway. Our committed workers make sure of equipment safety via consistent and periodic maintenance inspection of our vehicles. Our workers also understand how to transport and handle dangerous instruments.

Compliance and safety are surety for our company. We spend a great deal of time, making sure that we succeed either way; we respect and appreciate our employees’ efforts so much that we set the right environment of work for them. We love and value our customers enough that we are commuting their products with top-notch equipment. 

Flexible Options

Our unique hauling services features more than just heavyweight lifting. We personalize our services to cater to your exact needs:

Social responsibility

We have been working with the loadings for more than 10 years, so we are fully responsible about this process. Believe, that you our logictic company will transport the goods absolutely safety. We will give you a guarantee list with all the responsibilities. Undoubtedly, you will never regret the cooperaton with our team. The professional team of our employees is always ready to give a helping hand and provide you with the wonderful services.

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