Specialized Haul

JK Hunt is one of the few companies out there with innovative solutions and experience to provide its customers with a special hauling service. Whether you are shipping over-sized, overweight, or tell equipment, our drivers will make sure that your cargo will get to its destination efficiently and safely. We offer different services in this regard, such as flag holders, multiple hooks, and design services for safe commuting of extra weight and oversized loads. And with oil infusion rollers, solid construction, and a trademarked swing-out design, our vehicles can carry weights of more than fifteen thousand pounds while also adhering to the laid out regulations set forward by DOT.  

Dry Van

We have trailers that can convey anything from consumer products to auto spare parts. We also offer dry van services at JK Hunt. The build of our vans is peculiar. It has wider diameter breaks for more longevity and shorter stopping distance. We also have inclusions such as installations for aerodynamic for fuel maximization and roll stability for protection.


JK Hunt offers a wide plethora of chassis trailers for the satisfaction of their customers. These trailers have a special feature that addresses the needs of your cargo. JK Hunt has got you covered, whether it is a step-deck trailer to support the most stringent loads or a Double Drop Gooseneck trailer to offer complete height clearance.

Roller Bed

Our vehicles now incorporate beds into some trailers to meet our customer’s needs, particularly those who want to offload and load their containers safely from and to airplanes. The utilization of a roller bed trailer for your cargo moving out and in airfreight containers increases the safety and efficiency of your goods’ conveyance by removing the need for a midway exchange between the trailer and the airplane.  


Our flatbeds come with a single cross member and a patented bolt design for enhanced fortification. The flatbeds’ aluminum build offers unmatched durability and strength, and the curtain side selections offer complete protection from a harsh atmospheric condition. The trailer’s sliding tie also furnishes you with the ability to safeguard your cargo irrespective of the location.

Social responsibility

We have been working with the loadings for more than 10 years, so we are fully responsible about this process. Believe, that you our logictic company will transport the goods absolutely safety. We will give you a guarantee list with all the responsibilities. Undoubtedly, you will never regret the cooperaton with our team. The professional team of our employees is always ready to give a helping hand and provide you with the wonderful services.