ELD Satellite Tracking

At JK Hunt Trucklines, our tracking system will help you manage all the trucking fleet’s complicated needs. They’ll help you comply with the mandates set forth by the government to track your shipment, inform your drivers’ decisions, monitor the costs of fuel and idling. With our platform, you can do all these. Contrary to what most people believe, the GPS of your truck should do more than passively telling you the location of your truck. Our ELD Satelite Tracking software offers an ELD solution that can help minimize errors during reporting and also reduce your paperwork. With programmed driving status updates when a truck idles, stops, or moves, fleet managers can have more control over their fleet’s performance.

Key Benefits of Using our Satelite Tracking Module

Easily Access Important Data

Dispatchers and fleet managers can easily access weekly and daily logged hours, HOS (hours of service) status, time remaining, DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports), and violation alerts.  


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