Our dedicated operations are one of our chief priorities at JK Hunt Truckline. Each of these operations has been deputized to a skilled manager that is saddled with the responsibility of every facet of success, and this manager periodically crosschecks the specific operational needs to make sure that they are attaining our objectives with the related enthusiastic program. We are able to achieve this via the incorporation of superior techniques such as KPI monitoring and other sophisticated mechanisms made and tailored to a dedicated program.

Motorized truckload tracks that are contingent on long-term contracts between an assembly plant and a certain supplier; steady ‘flow’ sort of a program where a certain set-quantity of our device is preserved and anticipated to offer truckload utility on clients planned monthly or weekly paths, or shuttle; and a bunch of other dedicated operations. These dedicated programs can also differ in their scope. Dedicated programs can also vary in scope, in relation to round trip lanes, one-way lanes, peddle routes; ‘milk-run’ multi-stop collection lanes, and lots more. And also, we know dedicated that programs can differ in their scope. Certain programs may only need very few dedicated trailers and trucks on a consistent basis, while there are other programs that may need large quantities of trailers and trucks pools on a consistent basis. JK Hunt trucklines solidly controls and deliberates on all of these dedicated programs, irrespective of its scope and scale, and of which we have the focus, service, capacity, and to seamlessly operate and successfully launch dedicated services.


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