Cross Border

With have an age-long experience in transportation across the different states in the U.S and Canada. As a company, we are prepared to leverage this massive experience, and the handful of certifications that we have acquired over the years will help us expedite and simplify this complex process to make the process of crossing the border a smooth tour. We also have the reputation of cooperating with governmental agencies like some border services and customs to ensure that the process is as efficient as possible. Also, this helps to avoid disputes and unnecessary harassments about breaching some border laws which you may actually know nothing about. We also make use of innovative resources like our e-logs, which helps us to track the location of your shipment, irrespective of where they are currently located, whether in Canada or the United States.

Because we care for your shipment, we are committed to tracking during the whole period that it is under transition to your location, and we’ve set up systems that ensure that you are updated about your shipments in case of any eventuality or spring surprises. These innovative solutions are some of the reasons most of our customers trust and love to do business with us. JK Hunt has done its best to discard the hindrances at the border to ensure that no issues are encountered during border-crossing in Canada as well as the United States.

Our efficiency and experience in providing cross-border services to our vast customer base makes us distinct from us and also make it effortless to serve you better. We are more than prepared to meet your needs.


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