Codes of Ethics

At JK Hunt, we have specific codes of ethics and values that guide our operations. These codes set the sail of our company in the intended direction. It is also these sets of principles that have made us serve our vast customer base better. They are:

Proper Communication

When it comes to dealing with our business partners, carriers, and esteemed customers, we firmly believe that creating the right channels for communication is the way to go. As such, we make sure that we take note of their complaints and recommendations and incorporate them into our system. We also openly communicate with our partners and customers to troubleshoot problems to create sustainable solutions.

Development of Solutions

We do not believe that any change that is not going to be beneficial to our customers and to us is not worth taking. What we don’t want to hear is disappointing remarks like, “Why change this?” or “When will you affect this change?” We do not repair anything that is not faulty unless it is a step forward towards serving our customers and us well. JK Hunt Trucklines employs lean practices to eradicate our company’s wastages to create a healthier service for our customers and employees. This will make us relevant and competent in every part of our business.

Teamwork and Trust

Whether it is bringing a new carrier or employee or a recent involvement with a shipper, our goals at JK Hunt Trucklines are in harmony with their goals. When we make a clear case of our objectives for each party in our company, we frequently discover that we attain our objectives more efficiently. We’ll get to uncover more soft and hard cost savings when we understand more of the freight management demands of our customers and the nature of their business. Also, we are quick to replace your committed freight management customer service with tenured workers and make hurry up with the task. For close to two decades that we have been in the industry, a large chunk of our employees are still working in our company—a fact that says a lot about our superb managerial qualities.                         

Safety and Respect

As a shipper-based company, you certainly know that when your customers and employees are not happy with your establishment, it can be pretty challenging to have them feel safe and respected in your organization. Our team members have understood and handed to our customer service reps and freight specialists a great skill. Our hands-on tactic to freight analysis reports and invoice consolidation let us


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